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Maïra Maravillosa

Maïra Maravillosa




2016-2017 Children's Psychiatry, Sana Klinikum Elmshorn, Agnes-Karl-Allee
17, 25337 Elmshorn

2018-2020 Teacher for English and German at Wortlaut UG and Schools

08/2019 - 09/2019 Beading Project Alicja Kwade with the MIT Boston


24/05/2019 Rundgang; Universität der Künste Berlin
at Hardenbergstraße 33, 10623 Berlin

12/07/19 - 14/07/19 When I first heard about Jean Genet (I thought hilarious)
at Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Schleiermacherstr. 31-37, 10961 Berlin

20/07/18 - 22/07/18 Rundgang; Universität der Künste Berlin

16/02/20 - 19/02/20 URBAN DELUXE: BARK BERLIN Gallery, Köthener Str. 28

Erasmus Scholarship:

2021 Fine Arts at Universitat Barcelona - Facultat de Belles Arts

Place of Residence since 2020: Carrer de Balboa 10, Principal 2, 08003 Barcelona

German, English (C2), Spanish (B2), French, Catalan, Italian (A2)


The resting place. The place of freedom. Freedom of life.
Mentally hold onto the lack of insulation of the unbuilt house without soil.
The idealization of the desired insulation fills the room with castles inaccessible to the air.
It can create lines, shapes and miracles.
On a soulless beach in a heartless sea.
A soul does not know its existence without the presence of other souls
disappears into faint blue green waters.
Without thinking of moving away from the world and reality.
Thirst is calmed by a salty vomit.
Hungry blood is slowing down.
The cells' pace is moving slower and the skin is falling asleep.
The insensitive void full of freedom.
The resting place.
Calm is desirable.
It is an eternal breathless race.
Life runs.
Life runs until it passes by
Loses its own meaning and
Is no longer recognized
The place of freedom.
Life has reached the place where there is no back and no forth.
Everything is quiet.
The race has stopped.
The misunderstanding facing the real moment.
This moment.
This moment does not exist in the race.
Every moment has passed - as if it was a dream of the future.
Freedom of life.
The drink that is thrown away for not having to live.
Life is not enough in itself. It must be destroyed and renewed.
In a hidden way - Suffering gives good things to life.
When life is free - it's lost.

Barcelona, 2021
Maïra Maravillosa

Search for a soul

art is an intuitive process
of combining
various perceptions
of life and different realities
greek, amongst other mythologies
are the column
of modern dreaming
with their ambiguous symbolism
and rebirth
buddhism and hinduism
are as much part of culture - as other
religions, systems and perceptions
it is forgotten that
we all
originate from one
- is a moment -
that passed
which will never return
the moment is a construct
of being
past and future
get lost in the process
sacrifice is what we give and
what they take from us
life silently indicates

Barcelona, 2021
Maïra Maravillosa


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