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David St Maur Sheil




Title: Earth-mother Technique: Art Board 20” by 24” Mediums: Hand-ground soils, wood ash and natural wood resin medium Year: 2021 Description: Nestled within the calm embrace of the surrounding hills and rice fields, the Earth-mother appears to slumber through the autumn and winter. But her dreams stimulate unseen creative forces deep within the earth, which emerge into the light in Spring. Influenced by the woodland nuts and seed-pods collected on long-walks around the surrounding valley, the steep sided hills with their enveloping feng-shui woodlands, and the rice and vegetable fields. Painted solely with natural earth soils, collected by the artist from his garden and the surrounding villages and countryside in a rural part of Hong Kong, and hand-ground in his home-studio. An organic gardener for over 25 years, David combines his passion for soil, gardening and composting, with art. Using natural soils, art becomes a means to engage with soil from different perspectives and encourage both the artist and observers to heighten their awareness of the precious beauty of soils. Wood-resin from Japan is used as an ecological binder. Artist: David St Maur Sheil

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