Carola Antonioli
Art Curator

Carola Antonioli

Art Curator


Graduate in Artistic Design (Accademia delle Belle Arti di Brera)

Master in Cultural Desing. Art, Design and cultural enterprises (UniCatt & PoliDesign)

Work experience:


October 2020 - Gennaio 2021

Notarify is a startup based on the Blockchain tecnology. I worked in this studio as a graphic designer and social media strategist.


July - October 2020

The studio deals with design, graphics, product, interior design and exhibition settings. I worked on various projects for Pirelli, Lecco's Politecnico, the Nervi Foundation, the Diocesan Museum in Milan and for the E-Festival in Treviso.


October - December 2017

In this interior design showroom I was able to deepen my knowledge of the contemporary design market. I was a seller, who took care of the projects, working by hand or through AutoCad on architectural drawings and proposing interior design solutions to the clients.

MOTILO, London

June - July 2015

The studio manages a website for the sale of high fashion clothes. My main task was to contact the users of the site and ask for better feedback. I also designed the looks for customers interested in purchasing multiple items.