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International Contemporary Art exhibition


Concept curated by Maria Cristina Bianchi, Art Curator


"It is always said that time changes things, but in fact you have to change them yourself" ANDY WARHOL 

A journey of investigation through the pictorial and plastic arts to interpret and better understand the period in question. This decade will be marked by a crucial moment based on artificial intelligence, robotics, demographics and the environment. 

The historiography of the 1920's (1920-1929) represents this decade as an era characterized by a general feeling of restlessness that, in the artistic field, has been reflected in a wide range of enigmatic representations of expectation. 

The artists question themselves and represent everything that concerns the new trends, habits and customs through the new pictorial techniques. 

Past art is used as a tool from which to draw, to take inspiration in order to create something new transcendent and to be adapted to the days of today. Art is understood as memories, emotions, feelings, reproductions, forms revisited in a realistic, abstract and informal way. 

Our artists transliterate artistically on multiple materials with different techniques, creating a creativity of compositions in which they are realized in an intense harmony of shapes, lights and colors: original creations formulated in fancy thematic interpretations, with significant references to this new era that becomes a key narrative. 

"Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal. ALBERT EINSTEIN 


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