Chika Shinoda




Title: Wisdom
Year: 2021
Size: 606x727x20mm
Technique: Mixed Media

Description: Today, we are inundated with materials and we are losing the spiritual power that we should have. While material things are very convenient and make our lives richer, there are many things that have been lost.
Spirit is the most important core of human life.
This work is based on the most famous mask in Japan, "Hannya". The word "Hannya" came to Japan from the Sanskrit word "Prajñā" and the Pali word "Pannya", which be-came “Hannya". Hannya masks were first created by Noh mask makers in Japan. The word "Hannya" symbolizes the wisdom of the Buddha.
This wisdom is to know the essence of the world, a universal wisdom that does not change with the times. I created this work thinking that it would be an energy that is necessary for the world and for you in these complicated times.