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Sandy Jian

Sandy Jian



Sandy Jian’s artist statement: "Living in the moment - I love and inspirations blossom."Jian is an abstract digital artist based in United Kingdom. Jian loves to express visually with new colour palette and explore alternative sounds. On 9th September, Jian released her music album ‘Thoughts of Piano’ with the following tracks: spontaneity, universal connection, melodic spirals, roses in December, deer’s gallery, tidal forces. The music album was created when Jian explored her deep emotions – where she wrote all songs with the piano, thinking about the musical expressions with the piano like having a conversation with someone in real life. She believes that creating artworks is very similar to creating new music. The atmospheric sounds in ‘Thoughts of Piano’ also resonate with Jian’s latest artworks – she explores the use of colour temperature and the multi-faceted flow of inspirations with her choices of colour and vigorous brushstrokes. In ‘Nocturne Whispered’, Jian expressed her feelings softly and deeply: love for the nocturne whispered from my heart as if time is no longer relevant – when my feelings flow through all boundaries of anywhere and everywhere seeking the nocturne I long for. In ‘Abstract Nostalgia’, Jian created this piece of abstract artwork with the theme of love and nostalgia recurring inside one's heart as the season of autumn arrives quietly. Jian’s artworks are also showcased in House & Garden UK Magazines, TATLER magazines (Décor Decorum), London Life Magazines and Salann Magazine 4th Edition. Jian’s recent exhibitions are as follows:

Aug 2022
Interruption – physical exhibition, The Holy Art Gallery, London, United Kingdom
Emergence – physical exhibition, The Holy Art Gallery, London, United Kingdom
Sep 2022
Textures, Shapes, Patterns or Forms, Las Laguna Art Gallery, California, United States
Compositions – virtual exhibition, The Holy Art Gallery, London, United Kingdom
Oct 2022
Night of Contemporary – physical exhibition, World of Crete, Villa Moma, Crete, Greece
Open Art - physical exhibition, The Holy Art Gallery, Athens, Greece


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