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Diego Knowledge Becurious




Title: Apologize
Year: 2021
Size: 59,5 x 79,5
Technique: Materic and Acrylic

Try taking care of yourself, just for once, don't just watch; but take the timeand look. On the left, the painting portrays a stylized face of a distraught and distraught man, desperate, indecisive but above all helpless. Powerless before the fall of the crucifix of his God. Finding himself struggling between life and death on the abyss, the boundary between the power of the ocean and the incessant fire that develops on the right. Nature in revolt, dolphins running away in fear and penguins watching inert and upset. The stormy sea where a sailboat (which represents hope) tries to extricate itself with dedication, Still apocryphal dreams. Unfulfilled wishes. The tree immortalized, bottom left, as a symbol of strength and a return to origins, to traditions, to something simple but never banal. The painting represents a scene of revolt on the part of wild nature and tired of the intervention of Man with all his axioms, paradigms and dogmas. With the hope that this unstable condition can cease, The author tries to transfer the feeling of perdition, which leads to the perennial limbo of souls embedded and alone.

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