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Sheryl Gadiano
Mixed Media Artist

Sheryl Gadiano

Mixed Media Artist


She, 28 years old, filipino roots,
born in the most vibrant and unique part of Spain, Madrid,
where, with diverse cultures,
she, gets inspiration for her art.

She, that since a little kid, was fascinated with anything that involved art,
she, discovered the art of painting with crayons and coloring books at the age of 3,
and now, holding a brush facing a big blank canvas,
she, is going to exhibit her artwork for the first time, for the world to know.

She, early beginnings as a self-taught portrait artist, 5 years ago,
deciding to take art more seriously, while taking art courses and workshops,
she, immersed herself into a journey of self discovery through art.
She, after long hours behind the brush,
all the hardships, all the ongoing support of her beloved ones,
she, realized how painting and creating changed her,
and gave her a purpose in life.

She, using mixed media techniques,
from inks, markers, collage, to create textures,
to touches of gold, acrylics and bold oil paint brushstrokes,
in her process of creating.

She, with music, traveling, photography, poetry, and life experiences
as inspiration for her pieces,
She, creates an atmosphere of abstract, dreamy and magical realms,
portraying female figures and animals, combined with nature elements,
full of a symbolism that empowers the seek of freedom.

She, with her art as safe haven,
She, aims to capture the light after the darkness,
all the possibilities the power of art holds, inspires, heals,
and touches people’s souls.

She, aspires to show the world,
what the real goal in life is,
to love what you do,
but moreover,
to love yourself.


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