Challenger Deep
Sana Banouri

Challenger Deep



Title: Challenger Deep
Year: 2021
Size: 45,7 x 60,9 cm (18 x 24 Inch)
Technique: Acrylic Paint, Mixed media (Oil pastels)

The Challenger Deep is the deepest point ever measured in the oceans, at 10,924 meters below sea level.
If you look very deep into the painting you will see whales and they are the ones who live in the deepest part of the ocean.
In fact, this painting is a figurative representation of the human being and the deepest part in him, his thoughts that he does not share with anyone, his unsaid words, his most perplexed emotions and his distant memories.
The bottom of each of us is very complex and dark, just like that, we always try to show our best side but we hide the worst.