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Marianne Braathen

Marianne Braathen



My name is Marianne D. Braathen. I was borned in 1961 in north of Norway and moved to the south east
at young age. I have lived with my husband in several locations south of Norway. Last 22 years we have lived in Sandefjord, a small town on the coast south of Oslo.
I started to paint oilpaint on canvas 21 years ago as a student of the local artist, Ellen Skotheim (deceased
2020), who was a excellent mentor for many years. Over the years I have attended several paint courses. In
2016 I converted to paint with acrylics and also started to experiment with mixed technices.
The first years of my paint history I copied paintings from other artists. The last 5 years I use my own photos as starting point. Nature and places I visit on my travels inspires me.


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