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Some Yard: The wall paper_texture blue
Ji-won Hyun

Some Yard: The wall paper_texture blue



Title: Some Yard: The wall paper_texture blue
Year: 2022
Size: 3024x4032cm
Technique: Digital graphic projection mapping on cloth object

<Some Yard: The Wall Paper> is a new type of upcycling media work called the convergence of waste materials and media. The work that sublimates discarded banner waste fabrics into artistic objects begins with extreme scenarios that may arise when indiscriminate resource consumption in modern society harms nature. The artist paradoxically expresses the situation in which he has no choice but to create an artificially digitized 'Fake Nature' and the beauty of real mother nature. In the story of an object made of waste materials in the light, hope to think about the issue and communicate for a better future.

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