Gioia Profonda
Antonietta Grimaldi

Gioia Profonda



Title: Gioia Profonda
Year Completed: 2022
Size: 100x120 cm
Technical: Abstract acrylic painting on canvas

The artist's painting is a vortex of emotion that pervades the viewer. That fleeting emo-tion is realised in his energetic stroke that expresses all the expressive charge of the tones, now warm now cold, as are the sensations. The colours flow from an inner impulse and the very choice of dark or bright tones is dictated by that impetus. In Antonietta's works, the decisive, flaming tones of her emotions and feelings resonate. To observe one of her paintings is to take a risk: that of getting to know oneself.
Her works are laboratories of oneiric aesthetics, places where form dominates over the dimension of the defined. Antonietta creates snapshots where the whole merges with the most extensive creativity, without the need for the noble concreteness of outlines, her hands touch the sublime and transpose it onto the canvas, in no uncertain terms, with a form of directness and fluidity but still exquisite in its refinement. Antoinette gives with a spirit of gratuitousness of feelings that can be translated into the most diverse facets of the viewer.