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Tula Noulah

Tula Noulah



Born in Okayama, Japan in 1989. I loved to draw pictures since my childhood, but when I en-tered university,
I stopped drawing and studying ceramics art. After graduating from graduate school, I gave up art once due
to my parents' wishes and started working. However, I could not give up on art and restarted making
ceramics. I resumed painting about two years ago and continues to present and transmit my works mainly
on Instagram.
Due to a mental breakdown caused by stress at work, I am on a leave of absence now. I continue to create
as I feel.
I have been fascinated by colorful things, animals, plants and nature since I was a child and I have lived my
life feeling them close to me. My creations and thoughts are strongly influenced by them.

【Activity History】
Group Exhibition
2022 6 Healing Art Exhibition at artston_gallery, Tokyo
2022 11 Dragon and Phoenix Exhibition at artston_gallery, Tokyo


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