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Composition No.1
Tony Church

Composition No.1



Title: Composition No.1- by Anna Perra & Tony Church
Year: 2021
Size: 90 x 90 cm
Technique: Use of Acrylic paint, Posca markers and charcoal

This painting employs multiple examples of abstract techniques, and two people working
simultaneously on the same canvas. This painting represent an underlie of multiple emotions. Passion, fears, obstacles, victory, love, joy, companionship, challenges…. The start of a new life chapter, and explosion of positive and yet scary love affair. A pure and genuine soul connection. Two individuals ready to overcome the human judgment and the conventional way of thinking. Reflecting each other through colors, marks and shapes. Each dot and lines, talk about the complexity of a profound union, allied by an invisible energy of willingness for a positive personal and artistic evolution together.
Freedom, love, creativity…This is all that matters.

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