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Cornelia Bargull

Cornelia Bargull



Cornelia "Conni" Bargull (née Schramm) is a German artist. She was born in 1979 in Demmin in the heart of Mecklenburg Vorpommern and grew up in Altentreptow/Neubrandenburg.
She discovered her love of art and creativity at an early age, painting, building, crafting and loving to improvise. Nevertheless, she chose a down-to-earth apprenticeship as a draughtsman.
She loves architecture and the materials associated with it, nature and what time makes out of existing buildings in interaction with nature. She is equally fascinated by classical modernism.
She is inspired by the past, the modern and moments from nature.
Structured, patinated surfaces of old furniture, doors and facades as well as impressions and perceptions from nature influence the details of her paintings. For this reason, she likes to include materials such as concrete, papers, stain, bitumen, natural pigments and structures made of marble flour in her works of art.
There is never a real plan for her paintings. It is a feeling and a process of creation, shaped by the external perceptions of the environment. However, the inner feeling of harmony and balance is always important to her.
At first and second glance, her pictures are meant to be fun and to create a maximum sense of harmony.
The signature of her works has a very personal history, which is why she still signs her works with the initials of her maiden name.


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