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Revolución de Estaciones
Analía Almada Vera

Revolución de Estaciones



Title: Revolución de Estaciones
Year: 2022
Size: 50 x 70 cm.
Technique: Oil on canvas. Mixed media.

I made this work using several techniques. Acrylic colored spots as the background. I applied small applications of gold leaves and silver ones, randomly. The last phase was to work with pure oil and a palette knife, working in sectors looking for unions and contrasts with the chosen color palette, to represent the four seasons, allowing in some places the translucency of the ap-plied gold and silver leaves. Inspired by the color palette that nature offers us through the changes of seasons, this painting was born, which is a "color revolution" where blues are found as leitmotif due to global warming and loss of colors. glaciers, colder winters, hotter summers.

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