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Anastassia Skopp

Anastassia Skopp



Born in Russia, I studied art for 8 years (1984- 92) at the state art collage named P.F. Ryabov for children and young persons. There we were instructed in drawing, composition, painting art and sculpture by well-known artists and painters.

1994-1999 – High Education to teacher of German and English Languages in Mordovian State Tea-chers‘ Training Institute Named after M. Evseviev (Saransk, Russia)

2014-2017 – High Education to Sozial Work (B.A. – Bachelor of Arts) at the state University Duis-burg-Essen (Germany)

Individual exhibition by KSL3 Essen - Germany 2014

2005 - Contract with the Cologne/Germany art gallery Canvasa

Collective exhibition of young talents „ Winter of Russia“ - Museum of Mordovian Folk Culture in Saransk - Russia 1990

I have been drawn to art since I was a little girl. So much, that one day I decided to try my luck and check out a local art school secretly. A month later my Mom received a bill for the art school and alt-hough surprised and certainly concerned about the monthly cost, she supported my wish to attend the art school where I spent the next 9 years surrounded by the smell of paint and the rhythm of canvas-ses. I carried my passion for art through my years at the university and later on when I moved to Germany i became a self employed artist… Per Aspera Ad Astra!

My art: Using a variety of media such as acrylic, acrylic medium and plaster, I constantly experiment with textures and layers to produce deepness, textures, shapes and traces of colour on canvas.
Meditative state: in my paintings there are almost always flowers, more often roses. Flowers are like messengers of another world. Like a bridge between the dimension of physical forms and the form-less. They exude not only a subtle smell, pleasant to people, but also an aroma from the kingdom of the spirit. If we understand the word "enlightenment" in a broader sense than the generally accepted one, we can consider flowers as the enlightenment of the plant world. - Eckhart Tolle (paraphrased from German).
Thus, my paintings are imbued with symbolism through flowers. The rope ladder, which has become, in fact, also my calling card for many years, symbolizes for me the feelings racing deep within myself. It is sometimes interrupted or even disappears. But this interruption or disappearance does not mean failure. On the contrary, just a short pause, freezing to listen to the moment now and to make the final leap in the spiritual process.

A flowery font - here and there - our running thoughts, which we can observe, and which we can control if we are conscious. Awareness is expressed in my paintings most often by one empty, light and unfilled space, which lets everything in and allows everything to be as it is, without objections and value judgments.

My mission: to learn to create pictures from inner silence. To convey this state through pictures, so that the buyer or simply a connoisseur of my work could feel this state even for a moment. This picture becomes an island of his attention and tranquility amidst stressful chaotic events that are nothing more than pictures, replacing each other on the canvas of our life.

My works can be found in private collections around the world form Europe to the USA and Canada.


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