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A Dream within a Dream - Development
Haïfa Ghoul

A Dream within a Dream - Development



Title: A Dream within a Dream - Development
Year: 2020
Size: 24x30 inches
Technique: Acrylic on canvas

“This piece is a part of a series called “A Dream Within a Dream”. It is a 10-piece series depicting humanity’s spiritual journey. Beginning with detached materialism (represented by warm tones) transitioning to a transcendent unity consciousness (represented by cool tones). The use of heavy paint texture and weaving of colors speak to the hardships en-countered on this journey and its non-linearity; lessons perceived through difficulties are the stepping stones for an elevated perspective. This piece is one where the transition from heavier to more elevated mental states begins to take shape. Glimmers of light are finally being perceived. It is the point where the emotional weight gets heaviest and slow-ly begin to make way for the emergence insight on the road to peace”

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