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Gabriele Dallmann

Gabriele Dallmann




Living and working in the south of Germany Gabriele Dallmann´s work has appeared in numerous exhibitions such as the Pop Up Gallery in Lörrach. Ever since 2010 she has devoted herself to expressing emotions in her artworks. After studying and graduating from the Hamburger Kunst Akademie (The Hamburg Art Academy) she now also enjoys leading a team of artists.


„Finding without seeking – that is the secret of art.“
Pablo Picasso

Gabriele Dallmann´s work shows the whole range of human emotions. The artistic way in which she ex-presses these emotions surprises the thoughtful observer. Her pictures show a strong expressiveness and her purposeful colour technique enhances the effect and adds the perfect final touch.

She describes art as a mirror in which the viewer discovers or re-discovers an image of her/his own self.

Gabriele Dallmann finds inspiration wherever she encounters people. Her fascination with flow-ing movement is seen in the pose of the figures depicted. Her art work mirrors social and political issues as well as current topics of interest.


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