Still Life
Takashi Yasuoka

Still Life



Title: Still Life

Year: 2021

Size: 220×273 mm

Technique: Oil on canvas

Still life is the most important theme in my painting. I am deeply inspired by Giorgio Morandi, whose works I had met at Rome, Milan and Tokyo, etc. so far.
Concerning with the objects for still life painting, I love Scandinavian potteries and designers, Signe Persson-Melin, Nils Thorsson, and so on. Naturally, I love Japanese potteries and artists, Chojiro Raku, Shoji Hamada, and so on. My still life paintings are sometimes inspired from their products. Three objects in “Still Life” are inspired from the earthenware by Shoji Hamada. However, actual pottery is hard and heavy, and the feel of material is quite matte. These features are not compatible with fantasy. In my working process, I newly re-design a fascinating object from the excellent products by great artists rather than deform their original shape. Indeed, the flower vase is drawn fleetingly, the cup at the bottom is drawn lightly. Although the jug is painted by deep color to make contrast, it is expressed so as to be distancing from reality.

I hope that you feel a dreamy time from this painting.