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Thermal Instrument
Zeya Marx

Thermal Instrument



Title: Thermal Instrument
Year: 2022
Size: 8000x8000px (digital)
Technique: A still capture from a “glitch jam,” combining and manipulating several of my own existing works in a live and improvised creative process, which includes a few photo editing & photo destruction tools. Source materials include AI-enhanced images of abstract textures, bismuth objects, cityscapes, and trees.

This piece isn’t meant to represent anything in particular; it’s an attempt to capture a current & temporary visual idea from the living & body-bound mind, encourage it to digitally ferment, and pluck it out of the time stream. As artists we juggle goal and flow, trying as much to execute a preconceived idea as to creatively respond & adapt to the randomness in our execution itself. This piece comes from a process that attempts to exaggerate this balancing act, using a mind’s-eye visual object as reference, intentionally injecting real-time randomness into the execution, challenging myself to respond to it in an aesthetically pleasing way, and finally trying to take a snapshot that captures something balanced and meaningful. In a way, it’s a collaboration between human and machine.

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