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1994 Born in Gifu , Japan.
2013 Entered university and majored in design.
2018 Started working.
Currently, I am teaching art.

While studying art, I was surprised by the vivid colors of Impressionism, strongly impressed by the simple geometric shapes and typography of Constructivism, and longed for the catchiness of Pop Art.
I believe that my art is based on these three elements.
Art is about developing the ideas of our predecessors and weaving them into something new. There- fore, it is my policy to "learn new things by studying the past”(.『故きを温ねて新しきを知る。』)This is my policy.
I hope that my work will outlive me.

My work
When creating my works, I am particularly conscious of vivid colors. I use a combination of geometry, symbols, and photographs. I try to convey a sense of pop through the images in my work.


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