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Joanna Jass

Joanna Jass



Born London 1984
Studied bachelor of design/visual communications at UNITEC, Auckland New Zealand
As an artist I guess my initial approach is to question my mind, my thoughts and thinking pat-terns that effect or are a part of my daily life and then analyze that process. Try to make sense of it.
For instance, I have a tendency to obsess. By applying obsession to my subject matter, It natu-rally begins to navigate a notion of excess and takes on a life of it own as obsession takes over. Where to reign it in and stop.
Capturing every line, every beautiful flaw. Well trying to.
Nature’s intrinsic complexities drives my curiosity wild and I love recording that through my work. Capturing the small, the unseen to honor the subject itself but to also feed my own needs of scratching that obsessive instinct.
Adding the hat brings in a playful fantasy element, which is something I resonate with, a nod to my childhood and the beautifully illustrated books like ‘Winnie the pooh’ that still hold a special place in my heart.
My goal is to simply draw in the viewer to a more intimate space, once you are drawn in further, the relationship between you and the art has intensified. More discoveries are to be made. So naturally Viewing distance plays an important role here.


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