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The blue of outfall
Yichiao Chen

The blue of outfall



Title: The blue of outfall
Year: 2021
Size: 112x145x3cm
Technique: oil on canvas
Blue light Variations
Blue light between virtual and real
Blue is the most natural color, between abstraction and reality, flowing in the painting, exploring nature, reflecting the color, looking for the blue light, the tone of the dream, as if you are in the vast blue universe, churning. Using different levels of blues, natural colors, gentle, perseverance, and free and easy brushstrokes to present the blue language.Taking tranquility as the starting point to observe the feeling of quiet time in life.
It seems like waves swept by the wind. It seems like ripples in the still sea. Explore the exit of that light source.
I explore the interlaced space belonging to different blues, showing the interlaced variation and flow of blue tones, the varied space of light and shadow, the virtual and real appearance

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