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Lin Shih-Hsiung




Title: Fantasy・Picture-in-picture
Year Completed: 2019
Size: 91 x 116.5 cm
Technical: Oil paint and Canvas

A paintbrush is inserted into the painting, penetrating through the whole picture. It goes straight through the sea to the depths of the Earth. It divides the painting into two, representing the thoughts of human beings and Nature. The two sides of the picture are also two scenes of Taroko: the right is Yanzihkou, and the left is Jiuqudong. These are the two locations where I sketch most often in Taroko. This painting needs to be viewed from left to right. Because if we go to Taroko, we usually stand on the left side of Taroko and look to the right. There is a bird in the middle of the picture, who is also an artist. After he finished drawing Jiuqudong on the left, his eyes turned to the right. The painting stays in the original place where the artist painted because we are small. We copy the original beauty of Nature. Therefore, the painter leaves the picture in its original place. There is a small hill on the far right. It is concave. The right side is concave and the left side is convex. It is a mask, and the orange sun is his eyes. This mask represents human behaviour which is how we perceive Nature. We all look at Nature with our existing cognition. We look at Nature with the society we live in and the education we get, which become a stereotype.

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